bitB Staking


bitB Staking is an online poker group focusing on tournaments at all stake levels. Founded by high stakes regulars pads1161Elmerixx  and €urop€an  with a goal of establishing the most effective learning environment possible for motivated players to maximise their potential. bitB creates an environment full of like minded aspiring high stakes crushers and gives them both the best coaching possible in tournament poker but also the personal mentorship. Each coach has "grinded" through the stakes and knows exactly what it takes to get to the top, our players listen and trust us because we speak through experience. 


Connect with the hungriest MTT players in the world, studying and discussing hands 24/7 - all helping each other to reach the top of the MTT ladder. We believe we have established the best learning environment in the MTT world for both active learning via our communication platforms and passive learning via our video database.  


No longer will you have to miss the best tournaments cause of bankroll constraints. We provide daily top ups on every site to ensure that you are ready to print money in the biggest MTTs. We assign each of our players a tier level with carefully researched games that are most +EV for their level and re-evaluate it individually every month.


We have assembled the best MTT players in the world to create a stellar coaching team focusing on both creating and improving the fundamental approach to crushing tournaments whilst in addition sharing the tips and tricks that helped them make over $15m playing online MTTs. You can find our coaching roster in the coaches’ page.

Tier System

In MTT poker people are too quick to judge if you are a good player or not based on results alone. We have a objective approach where we take into account playing statistics, results, coaching attendance, community activity and questions asked. Our players are able to play different stake levels depending on their overall performance as a member of the stable rather than how well they have ran over a somewhat irrelevant sample size. Everybody works with the goal of knowing what tier they are in and what they need to do to move up to the next tier which can add incentives such as a higher % cut, more attractive games and access to additional group content with players of higher abilities as well as more opportunities to play live poker. It is in both bitB staking and the players interests for them to move up to as high a tier as their potential allows. We will give the best resources available, the rest is up to you.

How much do you want it?

Tier 1-6
$35 - $180 ABI
Unlimited Bankroll
Monthly 1-on-1 elite Coaching  Sessions
2-3 Weekly group coaching Sessions
Access to a 100+ video library
 Access to a private forum
Tier 7-15
$15 - $35 ABI
Unlimited Bankroll
2 Monthly 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
2-3 Weekly group coaching Sessions
Access to a 100+ video library
 Access to a private forum



$70 ABI

"I joined bitB 12 months ago because I felt I was ready to push myself up into high stakes, I had struggled at really breaking through the mid-stakes online. 

When joining, I was immediately surrounded by like-minded people that wanted to learn, as well as having multiple coaches who were very well respected in the MTT community coaching me ..."


$53 ABI

"The guys are killing the coaching all over the place, they are always on point and open to discussions. I have never been in such an environment and if you want to get your game to another level you definitely need to try and join bitB ..."