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bitB Staking is lead by high stakes MTT regulars: Pads1161, €urop€an and Elmerixx. Our team of coaches are dedicated to helping each player reach their full potential and we work very closely with them to achieve that. As of December 2016, the guest coaching team includes:


- Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress

- David “MissOracle” Yan

- Dietrich “2pacnrw16” Fast

- Bencb789

- Chris “Apotheosis92” Kruk

- Graftekkel

- GoOse.core

- RomeOpro

- Ssick_onE

- steakaddict.

- Benjamin "NeverscaredB " Wilinofsky

- HealTheWorld

- Ben Heath

- Diego Ventura

- Buffyslayer1

- James Whittet


We are always actively looking to add more high stakes poker crushers to our coaching team.


Over the last two years we have strived to define and improve our processes to get the best out of our coaches and players. We currently work with players covering all of the MTT buy-in spectrum providing help and support for every aspect of the game.


We provide all our players with two group reviews per week, our main stable players also have a 1-1 session once per month with all coachings taught by one or more of the sixteen coaches listed above. Players who join our Development stable will work with our mentors who are some of the best mid-high stakes players in the bitB team. We put a big emphasis on high quality coaching and this resulted in us having our first $1,000,000 profit month from bitB players in September 2016, where we amassed twenty WCOOP final tables and crowned five champions.


As well as the group reviews and 1-1 coachings we provide our players with, we have also setup a great platform to enable our players to improve. We have our own forum with strategy chat discussion, we also have our own server on Discord that allows instant communication within the team with numerous channels including strategy chat, monthly goals chat and non poker orientated discussion such as food and music channels.


We have accumulated multiple success stories of $15 abi small stakes grinders becoming $50-60 abi midstakes crushers within a year of devoted work, as well as guys starting at $30-50 abi and moving up the ladders rapidly to crush high stakes MTT's. We are always re-evaluating our players so that they will be playing in the highest games that we are confident they can crush.


In addition to online grinding, we allow our horses to move onto the live felt. In 2016 we travelled as a team to EPT Barcelona, EPT Prague and The WSOP. We also host an annual post-SCOOP celebration party dedicated purely to some fine dining, partying and other recreational team building activities.


Apply today and start working closely with the most ambitious and talented grinders. We are very confident we offer the best coaching line up in the industry.




1. Solid track record of winning in any Poker format over a substantial sample

2. Motivation and dedication to work hard

3. Fluent English skills

4. Strong vouches/references




⦁ Unlimited bankroll for all ABI levels ($15+)

⦁ Monthly 1-on-1 sessions and 2-3 weekly group coachings

⦁ Access to a private 100+ video database

⦁ A big community of dedicated grinders and hard workers to study and discuss strategy with

⦁ Personal stats analysis and leak busting

⦁ Professional mental game support

⦁ Access to a private forum

⦁ Game selection advice

⦁ Volume and profit promotions (internal leaderboards)

⦁ Regular meetups around the globe (we are present in every major live series)

⦁ For small stakes players: extra coaching and mentoring from our best mid-stakes players 


We look forward to hearing from you.




bitB Staking

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