Becoming the best version of yourself

Roman "RomeOpro" Romanovsky


Warning: Below is another demonstration of exquisite writing skills of a Poker player(non-native English comes as a bonus). Think twice before you continue :)


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The fast guide to becoming succesful at Poker

Dietrich "2pacnrw16" Fast


If you are the next Haxton, Vogelsang or Polk you can skip my blog post because you are too smart to need help from me. Sure, you will work too, but you are probably so intelligent that you learn on the flow. You will see betting patterns earlier, you will see the right exploitative adaptations and work out a solid strategy to get to the top.

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Pads1161 WCOOP Review Part 2

Coach: Pads1161


As promised in our 2+2 Thread.


Patrick with a detailed analysis of his latest WCOOP victory. Part 2


You can checkout the whole thread under


 and part 1 here.


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5 tips on how to win in your friendly home game

Patrick "Pads1161" Leonard


When I first played poker I played with 6 guys, all who knew I was the fish, the dead money and they knew exactly how to beat me. I never ever folded so when they had a good hand they just bet huge amounts. 10 years later, $4m in earnings later, I sat down with the same guys at a 0.10/0.20p cash game. Obviously with a lot more experience I can see things a little bit clearer, during one hand I remembered thinking, "I wish I could know these things 10 years ago.

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Taking ownership of your learning

Jamie "buffyslayer1" Wilby 


So like most poker players I am not really much of a writer, I am more of a math based guy. When the investors at bitB asked for a blog post from each of the coaches I honestly didn’t really have any clue where to start, or what to write about that might be of value. So after an embarrassingly long time I came to the conclusion that like many things in life, you should do or in this case write about what you know.

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The longest blog entry I’ll ever write/My Experience with BitB/Is Staking right for you

Chris "Apotheosis" Kruk


It’s been over a month since my first blog post was requested of me and quite frankly it’s a bit embarrassing it’s taken me this long to get around to it. It’s been a combination of it not being a part of my routine (The poker related things I’m used to doing on a daily basis involve playing, studying and coaching, remembering to write a blog about my life is just not something that I wake up and think to do.) A lack of inspiration also posed a problem until recently when I was following the bitB staking thread on 2p2 and Pads was taking a lot of flak from a few accounts who were accusing Pads of making posts and claims about bitB that they claimed were at the very least exaggerations and potentially outright lies etc. Having been staked a few times in the past (never by bitB) and having worked for two stables as well as having done innumerable private coaching sessions and producing over a 100 videos for training sites I’m probably uniquely positioned to be able to comment on staking in general as well as multiple aspects of bitB’s program. Bear with me, as I am no poet. I was going to be a scientist and now I play cards on the internet so writing is not my forte. I already used “right” and “write” in the title of the blog and risked asking my readers to get naked with me just a line ago so you can tell this is going to be a no holds barred type of blog post! Fair warning. Some shots will be fired.

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Pads1161 WCOOP Review

Coach: Pads1161


As promised in our 2+2 Thread.


Patrick with a detailed analysis of his latest WCOOP victory.


You can checkout the whole thread under




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Life in Poker

Ben Heath

Over the last three years since deciding to play poker full time I have been getting progressively more involved with the poker world and everything that comes with it. Some of that is by choice, and some is not. For a lot of players, poker can take over completely. It’s an extremely competitive game, if you want to get to the top you have to work hard, study a lot and play a tonne of hands. Sure you can treat it like a 9-5 job, just put in the amount of hours you want to and you’re done for the day, but when there are players who are thinking about the game 24/7, how far can you expect to go if you’re clocking out at 5 every day? The problem with this is that there’s pretty much no limit to how much we can let it take over. The more time we spend immersed in the game the more it becomes a way of life. 



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The courage to play a bigger game

 Diego "DieVentura" Ventura


Since I was a teen my father told me to make a habit of "getting out of yourself" and take a look at your life, reflect on how are you living, what type of decisions you are taking and where are you heading. Since he told me that I realized how valuable that was and then that exercise always brought me back when I was heading the wrong way and gave me consciousness to shift when it was necessary.

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Meeting the right people

Jans "Graftekkel" Arends

Meeting the right people in poker is one of the key factors that is going to determine your development as a poker player. We all know there's a lot of variance in poker, especially in MTTs. What we often do not realize is that there is also a lot of chance and variance involved in who we meet throughout our career. I have been lucky enough to meet some great people.



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Pads1161 2016 Summary

Patrick "Pads1161" Leonard

Sometimes when you think about a date you think wow time goes so fast, January 2016 feels like literally years ago to me though. This year has been challenging, stressful and rewarding.

Stats :

Online MTTs: 2700 games - $360,000 profit

Online cash games: 10,000 hands - $90,000 profit

Live MTTs: 60ish, cashes - $450,000 - personal profit after selling/swapping -  $110,000

Live cash games: $60,000

Total profit: $620,000

The figure is probably a little bit more, for example I deducted the 30% I swapped in the Barca 10k for $200k but didn't add the money I made in swaps, but in general with poker almost being my second most important and second most profitable thing this year behind bitB I'm obviously very happy with the year.

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Diets, information, and swift kicks to your Nether Region

James "TheDrunkLife" Whittet  


In today's world we are often mindful of our physical health when it comes to the foods we eat and our level of activity.  What is less obvious but equally important is to be mindful of our mental health when it comes to the information we take in, the inputs we expose ourselves to, and the stories we tell ourselves in our own mind.

As the saying goes, "A rising tide lifts all boats" 

Generally, this refers to our peer group.  If we are the smartest person in a room, then we are in the wrong room.  If we surround ourselves with positive influences, then it will not only give us excellent sources to model skills from but also raise our standards for what we accept and encourage us to think bigger.

In the digital age, where much of communication is online,  we need to be relentless when it comes to our information diet.


Ask yourself, WHAT IS THIS?

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Simple Soft Skills Strategies

Benjamin "NeverscaredB " Wilinofsky


When I was a young poker player coming up, the games were so easy, and the prize pools so big, that it would have been criminal not to register a full schedule. I would roll out of bed at 9 am so I didn’t miss any hands in the 100r, and keep registering through the Nightly $162 at 9 pm. Most of that time was spent 20-24 tabling, cramming MTT SNGs on my screen whenever there was an empty spot to fill, unless I was deep in something big enough to warrant fuller attention.

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The legend of the Honey Badger

By Matěj Baťha (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Tomi “elmerixx” Brouk 


If you have been around bitB staking community it is almost impossible that you haven’t crossed roads with notorious honey badger. This little animal has played such a significant role in bitB community culture that you can even find this little bastard in our company logo. There is however a chance that you are not familiar with the whole story and the reasons why we at bitB think a honey badger is the perfect “guy” to represent our company.


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What is Success?

Samuel “€UROP€AN” Vousden


Poker is a game where winning is the biggest measurement of success. Having big scores, a nice graph and profitable years in your career is how most people measure success.  However winning and success are not the same things. You can be a winner, but still not necessarily be successful. To me success has always been about living up to my expectations, potential and knowing deep down in my mind that I am doing my outright best in the areas of life that I want to succeed in. ‘’Never seize trying to be the best you can be, that is under your control’’. ‘’If you get too engrossed and involved and concerned in regard to things over which you have no control, it will adversely affect the things over which you have control’’. 

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What if…

Patrick "pads1161" Leonard  

Every month in the bitB community each player gives his individual goals for the month, the rest of the team will keep him accountable as at the end of the month, you repost your goals, state how you did and why you feel like you didn’t do well in some of them.

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Do you want to join the Team ?

Patrick "pads1161" Leonard  


Well, what a month! When I started this "thing" by myself with gil3000 and thebigdog09 playing $20 average buy in I never expected one day for their to be 70 guys and have a "$1m month" without the help of the other guys involved this would never have been possible. But for me, this isn't the time to stop and enjoy the money, it's the time to push on and develop into something very exciting. 

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EPT Barcelona

Samuel “€UROP€AN” Vousden


Every summer late August you will find the best players in the world making their way to beautiful Spain for EPT Barcelona. Barcelona has always been one of the biggest live poker stops and seems to grow larger and larger every year. As a city it has plenty of things to offer besides poker with its lovely beaches, football culture, architectural gems, nice bars, clubs and restaurants. And let’s not forget the beautiful heartbreaking senoritas that Barcelona attracts from all around the globe.

Barcelona is a unique city. It has something very special about it. I find it difficult describing exactly what it is, but if you have been to Barcelona you might know what I mean. There is a certain vibe and flow of happiness that spreads among the people.

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Choosing who you live with as a poker player.

Patrick "pads1161" Leonard  


Choosing who you live with as a poker player is really important and probably something most people don't get right. Let's say that average career of a online poker player is 5 years. If you commit to living with somebody for 1 year on a long contract then you're committing to living with them for 20% of your career. For an industry where you really need to be happy at home and feel comfortable and relaxed it can be a huge error. Not only may you not like the guy or he disturbs your sleeping or spoils the environment that you live and work in but you can also be missing out on other people, soaking other knowledge, improving from other people and maximizing your potentially by learning from different people.



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Playing in the zone and managing your expectations

Tomi ”elmerixx” Brouk


This year's wcoop is only couple days away and if you are a MTT player you should feel excited. This is the best time of the year. For the next 3 weeks there will be huge amount of prestigious tournaments where everybody has a chance to fulfill their goals and dreams. For me first WCOOP I played was back in 2008. Can’t recall much else from that period besides that after the series was over I had to get new a monitor for my computer. Since then I would like to think that I have learned something and hopefully next few tips will make your WCOOP to go a bit smoother.



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Staking - Pro’s, Con’s & Misconceptions

Patrick "pads1161" Leonard

I’ve read so much about staking over the last 10 years of being in and around the poker community. Initially I was backed, then I was backed again by somebody else, then backed again by another somebody before going “on my own”. I started staking people as almost a hobby around 4 years ago and for the last 2 years I’ve been doing it as almost a full time job taking up most of my time, money and emotions!


In this article I’m going to answer a lot of common questions and most likely divulge and go completely off topic whilst trying to push my company bitB Staking as much and as obviously as possible!

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Poker in 2016, everybody is SOLID


Georgi "gioPN"


Lately I have been thinking.. and wanted to make a post so here I go.

How bad is it really that poker gets tougher and tougher?

Games are not like 2009? You don't win so much money anymore?

You have to work more, to be more serious about it, you don't have room for (m)any mistakes and so on...

Is this really a bad thing? For me the answer is NO. If you don't realize it yet, poker getting tougher is the best thing ever happening to you. Why?

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Barrelling Betty!

Patrick "pads1161" Leonard  - Strategy

My long time poker buddy and ex-PokerPlayer writer Alex Martin was famously known as JammyJenny in the online world – it was just one of the many accounts that he crushed with. One day when signing up to a new poker site I wanted to be like my hero and called myself BarrellingBetty. I found the name hilarious: ‘Betty’ standing in for a stereotypical passive old woman, combined with ‘Barrelling’, which is a common term for betting multiple streets. Little did I know that I was actually way closer to playing like a Betty than I could ever have imagined.

When thinking about poker and what new lines you can add to your game it’s often quite hard. Where do I start? New strategies are not just flying through the sky that you can pick up and call your own. One thing that I do is learn from my fears. If there is something that I really find difficult to play against then I make a note and look at it after the session and review it. 

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Don't play like your TV heroes!

 Patrick "pads1161" Leonard   - Strategy

After securing the preflop initiative against Tom Dwan, Phil Galfond makes a mandatory c-bet on the 9-2-3 board for $17,000. Durrrr ponders the decision, staring at the board before announcing, ‘I’m all-in’. This should be the end of the hand as Galfond holds just Ace-high. Instead it’s just the beginning – the beginning of a hero call generation.

Poker on TV became really big and teenagers and young pretenders would soon enter casinos in hoodies, flicking their chips in nonchalantly while staring at one spot just like their hero Tom Dwan did. Over the last ten years online players have been very dismissive of live players but the one common thing they share is the imitation of their idols from TV. Whenever I see new trends of things I try to find counter-adjustments and ways to exploit the new strategy.

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Create a winning plan

Patrick "pads1161" Leonard - Strategy

I am an extremely competitive person. When I was seven years old my Mum bought me a chess board and for the next three years I dreamed of different ways to checkmate imaginary opponents every night before I went to sleep. I was addicted to computer games, always trying to beat my highest score. So when I first played poker, and made a fool of myself, I decided that would be the last time I was laughed out the door.

I hear a lot of people talking about poker as a ‘solved game’ or say that it’s ‘impossible to win online anymore’. Every year I hear about how the games are so tough. It’s absolute rubbish. What I see instead is a lot of theoretical disasters, repeated ICM suicides and a truck load of players spewing off chips.

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