I joined bitB 12 months ago because I felt I was ready to push myself up into high stakes, I had struggled at really breaking through the mid-stakes online.

When joining, I was immediately surrounded by like-minded people that wanted to learn, as well as having multiple coaches who were very well respected in the MTT community coaching me.

The coaching was always well organised and interesting. The advantage of having multiple high stakes coaches is that they each have different views and beliefs of the game. Having extra insights into poker is very important. Overall I really enjoyed the one to ones because you're made to feel important and they are catered around your own game rather than just going through some sort of checklist. 

Overall, the best thing about bitB is the competitive environment. There are many horses across various stakes all looking to improve. Being surrounded by people like this definitely encourages you to strive to be the best in the business.

Without a shadow of doubt, bitB is the best stable I've been a part of. It is strictly organised with easy to access training videos, regular group coaching and many other perks such as live sweating. They couldn't make it any easier for a horse to work hard and play plenty of poker.