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MentalGame with James

Trippelbarrel in Pio with Roman

We boast a library of over 100 of the most valuable MTT videos available exclusively for our players. Below is a list of some different videos we've created over the last 12 months.


Video Title Coach
Looking into stats properly Fedor "crownupguy" Holz
Unconventional lines with Piosolver Dimi
$700 6Max WCOOP WIN Patrick "pads1161l" Leonard
Maximising the value of your HUD Fedor "crownupguy" Holz
Leading flops with Piosolver Graftekkel
Winning the weekender Tomi "Elmerix" Brouk
$320 6max + Thursday Thrill marked hands Sam "€urop€an" Vousden
Marked Hand History review Daniel "oxota" Dvorres
Dual SCOOP $2100 Final Table review Ssick_one & Graftekkel
Preparing for a major series Jared Tendier
Playing like a jackass Ben "neverscaredb" Wilinofsky
CREV BvB & BBvsCbet Elmerixx
Winning the $109r again Patrick "pads1161l" Leonard
Poker Profiency James Whittet
When to donk the flop €urop€an
Short Stack Stuff with HRC Fedor "crownupguy" Holz
SCOOP High Roller Final Table Elmerixx
How I play poker Patrick "pads1161l" Leonard
Winning heads up €urop€an
Deep Pio love Dimi
Stepping into the live arena Patrick "pads1161l" Leonard
Big leaks in OOP Scenarios Dimi
Live session: High Stakes Patrick "pads1161l" Leonard